Kirby hosts road safety event

Over 200 site personnel including Kirby employees and contractors took part in a safety event held onsite at one of Kirby’s projects in Cork last week. The event, which focused on road safety and water safety, was organised and hosted by Kirby and involved a visit from Caroline Casey, Water & Road Safety Development Officer from Cork County Council and the Road Safety Authority (RSA).

As part of its visit, the RSA brought along its Shuttle and Roll Over simulator. The Shuttle is an interactive unit which provides participants with the opportunity to interact with various road safety campaigns such as speeding, driver distraction and fatigue, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Roll Over simulator highlights the importance of wearing your seatbelt correctly. The Roll Over simulator is fitted to a hydraulic platform which can simulate a 90 degree and 180 degree roll-over which demonstrates how it would feel if you were a driver or passenger involved in a less than desirable incident. It demonstrates the effects of being suspended by your seat belt.

Each attendee at the safety event had the opportunity to interact with both the Shuttle and the Roll Over simulator and learn more about road safety and safe driving practices.

In addition to the road safety event, Caroline Casey, Water & Road Safety Development Officer from Cork County Council visited the site to highlight and promote water safety. During her visit, members of the Kirby project team presented Caroline with a donation of €1,000 in support of Cork County Council’s Rebel against Ringbuoy Vandalism initiative.

The safety event was a great success and very well received by client and attendees. Well done to everyone involved.

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