Confidential Hyperscale Data Centre, Ireland

Project Name

Confidential Hyperscale Data Centre, Ireland



Main Contractor:

Collen Construction


Callaghan Engineering


Project Aries


Dublin, Ireland




Data Centres


Electrical Services and Instrumentation, Mechanical Piping & HVAC Services, and Off-Site Manufacturing


Kirby was appointed as the main mechanical and electrical contractor on a 60MW hyperscale data centre project in Dublin for a leading cloud computing provider.

Project Aries involved the construction of two new data centres including commissioning to level 3 and support to client during level 4 and 5. Challenging deployment dates drove the decision making towards modular construction, which ensured design optimisation, reliability and efficiency.


The internal electrical switchrooms were identified as the main focus for modularisation. In conjunction with our design partners and General Contractor, Kirby utilised cutting edge digitalised engineering to maximise the rack count space available, allowed the required space for circulation corridors, equipment access and maintenance, and minimised the impact on the building construction sequence and phasing.

• Total number of modularised switchrooms: 24
• Total number of skid modules delivered on trucks: 56

Over 20,000 manhours (15% of the overall manhours for the project) of traditional construction activity was completed offsite reducing on site management costs and increasing quality standards. In addition, these switchrooms that fully integrated all of the equipment were commissioned off-site.

Assembling entire electrical switchrooms from modular units in highly engineered prefabricated components provided the client with customised solution that was flexible, scalable and facilitated rapid deployment schedules.

Modular construction also involved the prefabrication of E-Houses, M-Houses, Containment Assemblies and AHU Ductwork.

Everything was co-ordinated and modelled through BIM.



Kirby scope of works included the installation and commissioning of all mechanical and electrical services.

The electrical systems installed by Kirby included:

• MV Distribution
• LV Distribution
• Generator
• General & Emergency Lighting
• General Service Power
• Mechanical Plant Service Power
• Fire Detection & Alarm
• Earthing & Bonding
• Lightning Protection

The mechanical systems installed by Kirby included:

• Supply & Extract Ventilation Distribution
• VRF Air Conditioning
• Leak Detection
• Server Room Air Conditioning
• Rain Water Harvesting
• Humidification Water
• Soils & Waste
• Domestic Water Services

Installed equipment and plant items included 198 nr. AHU’s, 26 nr. 3MW Generators, 362 nr. LV panels, 28 nr. LV panels, 26 nr. MV/LV 3.5MW Transformers, 52 nr. 1.2MW UPS’s, 4 nr. 200kw UPS’s, 80 nr. STS’s , 52 nr. ATS’s, 26 nr. Control Panels, 26 nr. E-Houses, 8 no. M-Houses, 2 nr. HRU’s, 6 nr. AC Systems, 116 nr. Transfer Fans, 2 nr. DWS Tanks and 2 nr. Booster sets.

The total project meterage consisted of:
• 12km of busbar
• 1,000km of cable
• 65km of containment
• 950 no. of instruments & loops
• 4km of pipework
• 8,000m² of ductwork

Watch the project video on YouTube : Link

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