Kirby is an official sponsor of CIF Construction Safety Week 2020

Kirby is delighted to be an official sponsor of this year’s CIF Construction Safety Week which takes place from Monday, 19th October to Friday, 23rd October.

Construction Safety Week is an opportunity to reflect on aspects of safety, health and overall wellbeing and to promote its importance throughout the workforce. It is recommended to review past activities and to learn from successes, failures and near misses. By sharing experiences, we may eliminate avoidable accidents, enhance worker morale and increase productivity.

Through Leadership and Worker Participation, our aim is to reduce the frequency and severity of ill-health and injury incidents within the workplace. The focus for Kirby during the week is:

  • Monday: Mental Health, Welfare and Wellbeing in Construction
  • Tuesday: Plant and Pedestrian Safety
  • Wednesday: Occupational Health in Construction
  • Thursday: Working Safely at Height
  • Friday: Emergency Preparedness

One of the objectives for the week is to highlight the issues of health and safety in the construction industry and to drive continual improvement.

Kirby is committed to the health and safety of all those involved in our operations and regularly hosts safety and well-being events.

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Kirby sponsor CIF Construction Safety Week 2020
Kirby sponsor CIF Construction Safety Week 2020
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